Friday, December 7, 2012

Stonf's Crafty Christmas

So are you guys ready to see my holiday decorations? After taking tours of Hooch's and B's decorated houses I bet you are super excited to see mine! Well my holiday decor is very different from Hooch's and B's.  I do have nice Christmas decorations, but they are in the scary part of my basement. You know the part with all the spiders, eeeek! I'm too chicken to go down there and get them so I have to make do with what I have available (in the nice part of my basement) which isn't much.  So this year I decided to do some Christmas crafting rather than risk seeing a spider or walking into a spider web.

I had seen ornaments hanging in windows and always thought that it looked so pretty.  The pictures I looked up used a tension rod, but I couldn't use one because of the way my blinds are so I just used those Command hooks and wire.  I bought a big tube of ornaments and tied ribbons to them and then tied them to the wire.  I really like how it turned out.  I might even do this in my front window too!

(It looks better when the blinds are up but the sun was glaring and messing up my picture!)

When I was looking up wreaths on Pinterest I found some pictures of things you could use as alternatives for wreaths on your front door and found this. It looked easy enough to make, and it was.  I spray painted an old black frame white, tied some ornaments to ribbons and stapled them on the back and tied a pretty red bow on the top.

I also made that little Merry Christmas banner.  I just traced stencils on card stock, cut them out and glued the letters to ribbon.  I saw cute banners like that made of felt, but felt is too hard for me to cut!

I'll also share with you my mantel. 

I didn't really craft anything on the mantel, but the wreath above it should look familiar! 

Now to my Christmas craft fail.  I was shopping at Target (where else?) the other day and saw these and these and thought they were adorable.  But I didn't feel like spending the money to buy them when I thought I could easily make them.  I already had Styrofoam balls and trees at home, so all I needed was the sweater material.  I drove over to Goodwill and bought a few sweaters that I thought would work. 

Now I should have inspected the ones at Target better because I had no idea where to start.  I just started cutting and gluing.  It was a mess and none of them really turned out that well.  The trees looked ok, because I eventually realized to use the sleeves for them and that worked the easiest.  Still not the prettiest, but here's what I ended up with.
Ha ha, don't laugh! Its the best I could do.  They are pretty sad looking though! Now the balls...I just couldn't do it.  Every way I tried left something open or it bunched in a funny way.  This is the best one I made and the top isn't even covered!

I think the sweaters were just too big and thick.  Something smaller and tighter like a sock probably would have worked better.  Maybe I'll try again.  Or maybe I'll just go back to Target and fork over the money and save myself some aggravation and fabric glue!

Now on to the good stuff!! To thank you all for being so wonderful, we are hosting a giveaway.  If you want to win a $25 gift card to Target (you can buy a few of those trees and ornaments with that!) just answer this question in the comments of this post: What is your favorite Christmas movie??

The deadline to comment will be this Sunday at 9pm EST. The winner will be picked randomly and will be announced in Monday's post.  And remember to leave your name in the comment if you post using an anonymous account so that we know who you are. Good luck! (This giveaway is now closed)

P.S. My favorite Christmas movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas...or is that a Halloween movie?!


  1. Stonf,
    For starters, I think your trees look fine. I especially like the green one, and I like your ball ornament. I was thinking that it might be cool for you to find some neat beads, like gold/silver, to glue on the tree to make it look like little ornaments on the tree. Make sense? What is under the fabric for the trees (What is the base)?

    1. Thanks! I used Styrofoam cones for the bases. I thought about decorating the trees, but with using old earrings.

  2. Favorite Christmas Movie: Hey Sarah, I like the Nightmare Before Christmas too. I was going to put that on for the kids yesterday, and thought the same thing....Hmmm...would it be wrong to watch this, since we watched if for Halloween?! Ha ha...

    My favorite Christmas movie is the original Grinch. I love the music and the rhyme in the back, as well as this idea of a grinch who initially hated Christmas and then ends up realizing that it isn't so bad. The Scrooge Movies/Christmas Carol idea is another favorite bc of the character, who initially dislikes Christmas and is greedy but ends up coming around and realizing the real meaning of Christmas.

    -Kristy (Badamo) Hanchett

  3. The Christmas story- of course! "Merry Christmas! Crapper's full!"
    Either that or Die Hard. (totally a Christmas movie...)

  4. Love everything! Very nice job! The frame with the Christmas ornaments is very cute:) the sweater trees and ornaments look good! Our fave movie is National Lampoon's Christmas vacation:)


  5. Favorite Movie: The Muppets Christmas Carol. It is celebrating 20 years this year :)

    -- Christen :)

  6. I like your trees! And I'm stealing the hanging bulb idea!

    My favorite Christmas movie is none other than Christmas Vacation! Clark W. Grisworld is like my dad reincarnate! ;)

  7. I like all your decorations! I think the trees and bulb are cute! My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation or Home Alone...kinda tied for me.

  8. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


  9. Cute decorations, Stomp (that's what I've been calling you for years... which my husband recently morphed into "Stamp"). I like "The Sound of Music" - does that count? They always play it at Christmas!

    1. I think Hooch's gram calls me Stomp too!!

  10. We love "A Christmas Story" - you'll shoot your eye out, kid!! :)

  11. My Favorite Christmas movies are "A Christmas Story" and "Home Alone." I was just thinking that this weekend would be a perfect time to watch "Home Alone" in my PJ's with some Hot Chocolate!!

    Fingers Crossed I win!!
    Thank you,
    Sarah Mazzie

  12. Scrooged with Bill Murray, when the ghost (fairy) kicks his butt! Hilarious
    Did someone say Target? :)

  13. My favorite Christmas movie is Frosty the Snowman.
    Love the bog!

  14. You three girls did an awesome job!;) You need to start uploading your tutorials on YouTube...only the fails, though! Haha!
    Pee Wee's Christmas is my FAV!!