Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Live Wreaths

Every year, I want to buy live wreaths.  And every year, I think, don't buy them, I can just make my own live wreaths.  Then, I never do anything about it.  Well, this year, I decided to give it a whirl.  I had Ronnie cut me off some branches from a few pine trees in our backyard to use.  (I've also heard of people using the bottom branches off of the live Christmas tree they buy too!)   I did look at a few tutorials online before I got started, but I wanted to try it my way first.  I just used the branches and green craft wire to hold the branches together.  I think the wreath turned out nice, the only problem is that it turned out bigger than I planned it to be.  But I think it works. 

Next, I used the advice from the tutorials, and bought some wreath forms as a base for my wreaths.  I was surprised to see how much wreath forms are at the craft store, both wire and grapevine forms.  If you're only making one wreath, it's not that bad.  But I was trying to save money by making my own wreaths.  So, I thought, why not go buy already made wreaths from Goodwill, then take them apart and use the wreath forms.  And that's what I did.  Boy did I find some real gems and for only 99 cents a piece! 

I felt slightly guilty and kind of like the Grinch cutting and taking apart the wreaths that somebody put time and effort into making. 

I attached the pine branches to the wreath form using the green craft wire.    I really liked the way it turned out.  It is a little too bushy and unruly, but that's what I like about it.  And I took some inspiration from Hooch's Holiday House, and used burlap ribbon to hang the wreath.

I also used this awesome little trick that I found on pinterest to use a Command hook, upside down, on the inside of my front door to hang the ribbon for the wreath!

I made one more wreath, without a wreath form, and using a different type of pine branch, and it turned out just as big as the first one.  And slightly oval shaped...but I still have it hanging on my house!

Lastly, I tried to make a wreath snowman using the 3 different size wreaths that I made.  While I think it is a cute idea, I don't think it's working out for me with the two different pines and the bottom wreath being so big.  But maybe I'll try this idea out again next year!

Last, but not least, I didn't want the hard work of that Goodwill wreath to go to waste.  So, I attached the santa clauses and gingerbread men to a sweater for Jacob to use for his Crazy Christmas Sweater Day at school!

 Alright, I'm off to fight Round 2 of Sickness vs. The Janicki Family!  Wish me luck!


  1. Ok, I'm probably a total idiot, but I don't get the upside down hook!

  2. The ribbon from you bow goes over the top of your door and put it under the hook to hold it in place...I'll try to add a picture.

  3. B...I love the wreaths! I may try this next year instead of buying my live wreaths at Lowes...Of course, I will need to visit your house to get some greenery from the backyard! And I LOVE the snowman, it looks super cute! Great job!