Friday, May 31, 2013

Pirate Party! Argh!!!

Ahoy there! When I asked Bug a few months ago what kind of birthday party she wanted, I was surprised to hear her say a pirate party. And honestly I was hoping she'd change her mind.  But she stood her ground and after some assurance from Hooch and B that a girly pirate party was possible I was on board with it too. I had a few ideas rolling around in my head already so it was time to start planning!

First I decided on a color scheme for the party: pink, black and white.

I had tables set up with pirate gear for all the kids to get dressed up as pirates.  On the tables were eye patches, bandannas, tattoos and moustaches.

(The water bottles were just to keep all the gear from blowing away. It was super windy that day!)

And bug got her own special "Captain Hook" hat.

There was also a treasure hunt (which the bigger kids found about 5 minutes into the party!).  I bedazzled a black treasure chest and filled it with tons of pirate booty (beads, plastic bracelets, stickers, candy, gold coins, ect.).

Each kid got their own little treasure chest to fill up with their goodies.
And I have to say the kids loved this! They took off running and grabbed as much stuff as they could as fast as they real pirates!

Then it was time for all the little pirates to walk the plank!

For the cupcakes I owe Hooch and her cutting machine all the credit.  She found these cute pirate ship and hat cupcake holders and cut them for me.

I also had a cake...because you can never have too much dessert! I ordered it from my local Shop-n-Save and really didn't expect too much of it.  But I have to say they did a fantastic job! I was so surprised when I saw how cute it turned out.

Oh and I also want to show our Pirate Pasta Salad made from a red pepper skull and cucumber crossbones!
Thank you to everyone who came and helped with this party! It was a swashbuklin good time!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Thyme

It's that time of year...the weather is getting warm (actually, it has been downright HOT in the 'burgh this past week) and school is ending for Summer. My daughter is finishing up her first year of preschool, which means it is the first time that we have had to think about end of year teacher gifts. We have been blessed with four awesome teachers this year and we wanted to do something nice for them before school ended. I wanted the gift to be special but also useful, so armed with a 50% off coupon, I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and bought four small terra cotta clay pots. They were priced at $1.99 and with the coupon, I was able to get all four for around four dollars.

I painted part of each pot with chalkboard paint and wrote each teacher's name on their pot. I then purchased Thyme to plant in the pot, since I figured Thyme is an herb that most people use at least once in a while!

(Ignore the mess that is going on in the background of this picture, painting the pots took priority over the dishes...just keepin it real!)

So here is where things got a little difficult...I had cut little banners with my Silhouette machine that I had planned on attaching to two pencils and placing in each pot with a message of thanks. As I was finishing up this project, I went to grab the cute shabby chic pencils that I had previously purchased and I couldn't find the bag or the pencils anywhere! I HATE when that happens! So, I had to improvise, which meant using some jute twine that I had and attaching a simple paper tag with the message. I actually think that I may like this look better! The tag on each pot reads "I had the best "thyme" in school this year!"

I love how they turned out! And now, picture overload...

This project only cost me about $5.00 per gift, which is great when you have to make for multiple people. I hope the teachers love them! What are you doing for teacher gifts this year? Considering I still have 13 years of teacher gifts to think about, I would love to hear your ideas! Have a great week!!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Individual Party Pinatas

When I found out my niece was celebrating her birthday on Cinco de Mayo this year (and that we would be indulging on some wonderful Mexican food by Moe's), I thought it would be cute to make little, individual pinatas for all of the kids.  I took the idea from Pinterest, but used what I had on hand to make them. **Note: Maybe if I had made them as they were on Pinterest, they would have worked.  Unfortunately, when the kids pulled the ribbons, nothing happened.  BUT, instead, they got to throw them on the ground and watch them explode...which happened to be more fun for them!

Here's what you need:
empty toilet paper rolls (I used paper towel rolls that I cut into thirds)
streamers (I used blue and red)
tissue paper
glue or Mod Podge
sponge brush
small candy or toys

I started by attaching a piece of ribbon to either side of the top of the toilet paper rolls. This is the ribbon the pinatas will be hanging from, so cut it to the length that you would want them.
I then cut small squares (big enough to cover the bottom of the roll), and cut a tiny slit in the middle for the ribbon.

I put the end of a piece of ribbon through the slit, and taped it on the inside. (Possibly if I had taped on both sides or just on the outside the ribbon would have worked when pulled?)

I then glued the square to the opposite end of the roll from where the ribbon was glued.

With the streamers, I cut them to the length of fitting around the tube.  I then cut the edges to make it fringed.

Then, I glued each piece of streamer to the roll, alternating colors. 

When the glue dried, I filled the rolls with small pieces of candy (tootsie rolls, lollipops, etc) making sure to not add too much weight that would break the tissue paper.

To finish them off, I glued another solid square of tissue paper to cover the top of the roll.

And that is all!  Although they did not work as they were intended to, my niece told me she enjoyed throwing it on the ground, and all the kids certainly enjoyed the candy that spilled out!  And I thought they made for a cute decoration!