Saturday, December 22, 2012

HSB Christmas Party!

Earlier this week we realized Christmas was only a week away and if we wanted to have a Christmas party we better do it soon!  So on Friday we gathered at B's house with our little ones for a fun filled afternoon of cookie and "tree" decorating.  Of course B had everything set up adorably!

For some reason I was left in charge of the cut out is a sampling of some of my best work...NOT!!

Just kidding, those were the only burnt ones.  And B, never one to let anything go to waste, said she is going to hang them on her Christmas tree! Doesn't that last one look like a cracker or a pita chip or something?! Its supposed to be a present!

Anyway the first thing we let the kids do is make some trees.  This is a great project for little ones, instead of making gingerbread houses.  All you need to do is get ice cream cones and put green icing on them then let the kids decorate them with candy, sprinkles, gum drops, or whatever you like!  At first Jacob wasn't that into it as evidenced by this picture.

But eventually all the kids got into the spirit and had a lot of fun doing this!

By the time the kids were done decorating their trees, they were not really that interested in decorating cookies, so us moms got to work decorating.  B wanted to make strands of lights on the round sugar cookies, and they came out really cute!

Hooch was so caught up in the Holiday spirit while decorating these cookies she began serenading me and B Christmas carols and even admitted that there are Christmas songs that make her cry every time she hears them.  (Can anyone guess what they are??) She even got creative and decided to make a Grinch face and a Christmas tree on some of the cookies.

(She said that is the Grinch after his heart grows!)

B also had a delicious Grinch Punch that she made with lime sherbet and ginger ale.  It was so good and even the kids loved it!

Also take notice of her lovely DIY Advent calendar in the background!

All in all our HSB Christmas party was a hit, the kids had fun, ate a lot of icing and candy, and HSB did some cute decorating and had a lot of laughs!

Now on to do last minute Christmas shopping, baking, and cleaning!!


  1. SO much fun!! : ) I wish I had some recordings of Hooch serenading us!! : )

  2. What a great idea! And those kids are just as cute as can be!

  3. So fun! Nice job everyone :) Merry Christmas!

  4. So fun! Nice job everyone :) Merry Christmas!

  5. Hooch sings so well doesn't she? LOL Sounds like everyone had a great time