Sunday, February 17, 2013

My next project...

You've already seen my daughter's big girl room in this post, but I've never shared pictures of her nursery. Since moving Felicity into her new big girl room, the nursery was basically sitting there as is, the only change being that we removed the crib and added our old full size bed into the room to serve as a temporary guest room. My husband's entire family and my sister and brother in law all live away from us, so we frequently have overnight guests. We needed a room that would function as a guest room when visitors were in town, but since the room was small, we didn't want a large bed taking up the entire room all of the time. Last month, we removed the full sized bed and bought a sleeper sofa with plans on changing this room into a "man cave" that could also function as a guest room when needed. We've already started some projects to change the room, but today's post is about sharing the "before" pictures...let's take a visit to Felicity's nursery...

The crib has been removed and placed in storage...just in case :)

The green chair is now in her big girl room and serves as a place for us to read her many books

The monogram plate has also been moved to her new room. Not sure if the shelves are going to be painted and remain in the "man cave" or if they will be sold at our annual summer yard sale.

I love this chandelier, but we purchased a new, larger chandelier for the big girl room. That means this one will be hitting Craigs List soon!

Hope you enjoyed a walk with me down memory lane. I will be back soon to share my first project for the new man cave/guest room...pillows made out of cloth napkins!

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