Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A gift for a Prego

One of my friends is pregnant (Yay!!!) so its time to get started crafting baby gifts for her and the baby.  I have been wanting to make these onesie cupcakes for awhile but I didn't have anyone to give them too so finally here is my chance!

This is super simple to make, only requires a few items, and ends up looking adorable! Those are my favorite kinds of crafts! So all you need is onesies, socks, tape and a cute box.  I had a hard time finding all red socks (I'm disappointed in you, Target!). But I did find socks with red and pink on them and I made it work. Tape will be your best friend while making these.

Fold the onesie into thirds and put the sock in the end.
Roll it up.

Tape the end.
Put them in a box and tie a bow around it.
The smaller size the onesie the smaller and tighter your cupcake will be.  The yellow and white ones I made are 9 months and they ended up pretty big and thick and were a little harder to manipulate into the shape I wanted, but with plenty of tape you can make it work. Cute, easy and practical!

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