Friday, November 9, 2012

Raising a Stunt Woman

This week at my house, I have been a crazy, obsessed person.  My cat has fleas (gross!) and they are in my house (double gross). I find this pretty disgusting and also a little embarrassing, but hey what are you gonna do? It happens, I guess.  Helpful hint: If you suspect you have a flea problem, walk around in white socks.  For some reason the fleas are attracted to them and you'll be able to see if they are in your carpet.  So I have been on a pretty steady rotation of laundry, vacuuming, and spraying my house every morning and night.  At night its pretty easy, after I put my Bug to bed I take care of the other bugs.  But in the morning, its a different story.  Bug likes to be right near me no matter what I'm doing for just about the whole day. She'll try to help me and usually I don't mind.  But I mean serious business while trying to eliminate this flea problem.  Plus I don't want her near the bug spray. So it takes me about an hour to vacuum my whole house (including baseboards, that's where they hide) and that is too long for her to sit still and watch TV.  Before I start though, I do set her up pretty nicely with one of her favorite shows and some Cheerios and other snacks, but that can only keep her attention for so long. After I finish one room I'll go back and check on her, and here are some of the things I found her doing to keep herself entertained. 

I'm not too sure what she was trying to do here.  She rolled up my area rug and jumped on it.  Makeshift trampoline, perhaps?

Here she got old magazines out of a little ottoman, put them in a biiiiig pile (as she would say), and with a running start, would slide into them.  And the reason the magazines are in the ottoman is to weigh it down because she jumps off of it!

Just hanging around, waiting for Mom to finish sweeping!
Dancing on a chair...that spins...and has wheels on it!

And finally this.  She must get a better view of the TV from up there.  I have no idea how she moved that chair to the middle of the room. It's heavy!

Well there you have it.  My Bug is not afraid to try anything.  And when she does fall, she cries, but not because she got hurt.  The majority of the time she's crying because she's mad she fell off of whatever she's trying to climb/sit/jump off of.  I really won't be surprised if one day she does do some crazy stunts in the movies or joins a circus.  Sometimes I wish she would just be content to play with baby dolls or her kitchen, but then she wouldn't be my Bug! And she is the best!

What are some crazy, adventurous things your kids do? And do you make them stop or let them try things for themselves? 


  1. LMAO!!! Delaney is too much!!! Halarious!

  2. She certainly has some Hogan in her, doesn't she!!