Friday, November 2, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

So when we bought this house in 2008, there was a long list of things I wanted to change/update in the house.  Now, almost 4 1/2 years later most of those things on that list are not done.   I just never seemed to have the time, and now with a little Bug constantly following me around, it is nearly impossible to even clean a room, let alone redecorate.  One of the rooms in the house that I never liked anything about is the downstairs powder room.  It was bright blue, had an ugly wallpaper border and was just outdated.  Here see for yourself.

Blagh!! And this is the bathroom that everyone who comes to my house uses, so its not some ugly room that I can hide.  So last Wednesday I was in there staring at that hideous wallpaper (I actually think its supposed to be outhouses) and I thought I'm just going to rip it down.  And there it was; my bathroom makeover began.  The difficult part was that I had to do most of it while Bug was taking a nap or asleep for the night because she was far too interested all the tools.  So it took longer than it probably should have.  So after I took down the border, I consulted with Hooch about paint colors and decided on Olympus White from Sherwin Williams.  Painting definitely took the longest.  I had to do 2 coats and the ceiling because I am a messy painter.  But luckily I had a good supervisor.

After all the paint had dried I replaced the pulls on all the cabinets,

put up a new light fixture,

and got a new mirror.

I am also attempting a gallery wall on the big wall opposite the sink/toilet, but I haven't gotten very far as of today.  This is all I got.

Pretty pathetic, right?  Hooch even found me some cute free printables, but, of course, my printer isn't working at the moment. Anyways that will be a work in progress!

So here is the finished bathroom

Seriously, its so small in there its hard to get a decent picture.  So now that I'm looking at it, I think I definitely need to do something with those cabinets.  I was hoping to get away with leaving them as they are, but now I see that they really don't match the rest of the bathroom.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Let me know in the comments!
I also need to give a special thanks to my helpers with the paint and the light. I'd still be working on both if it weren't for you two! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!!

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  1. Looks great! How difficult was changing the light fixture? I have a million lights in my house that I HATE and I've HATED since we moved in six years ago. I really want to try to tackle them myself.

    1. Ha well, I, personally did not change the light fixture, but I observed. And I observed lots of muttering and swearing! Seriously though I think the most difficult part was the chain, and I feel like flush mount fixtures are easier to change than pendant ones.

  2. Good job Stonf. It looks great!

  3. Looks great! I can show you how to re-finish cabinets if you're looking to change them. We did ours in the kitchen and painted them white. Made a huge difference and brightened up the room a ton!