Monday, November 12, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Every year around the holidays, I would wait in anticipation to see Oprah announce her favorite things for the year. I have to admit that I always dreamed of being part of her audience that day...could you imagine showing up to the Oprah Show (which is exciting enough already) only to find out that you were there for the taping of the famous favorite things show!?! So fun!! So when I was browsing Pinterest the one day and came across a pin for a favorite things party, I knew I had to have one!

I found the perfect fall invitation from this Etsy seller and had her change the wording around to work for the party. The seller sent me a file that I simply printed at Costco and sent to some of my favorite ladies.

You can see at the bottom of the invitation that each person was instructed to choose a favorite thing, no more than six dollars, and bring four of the same item to the party. When they arrived at the party, each person put their name in a bowl four times. Then the ladies took turns presenting their favorite item and pulling four names to see who would receive the item.

Some of the favorite things that were brought to the party included hand soap, garlic salt, lip gloss, candles, hand sanitizer and individual ceramic pots, among other great items. The group of ladies that attended had a great time waiting in anticipation to see whose name was called to receive each item. We joked that it looked like an episode of the Price is Right when the contestants run up screaming and yelling, which is pretty much how we all reacted when our name was called to receive a favorite thing.

In addition to the fun that we had with each person's favorite thing, we also ate and drank way too much! I took the party as an opportunity to try out some new recipes that I found on, where else, Pinterest! haha

Some of the Pinterest recipes that I made included ham and cheese sliders, pumpkin fluff dip and hot caramel apple cider (all of which can be found on my Recipes board). We also had a cheese platter made by my Mom, stuffed mushrooms made by B, vegetable pizza made by Stonf and chips and queso dip with ground meat.

In the end, I think it is safe to say that everyone had fun and went home happy! How could you not when you leave with four presents and a full belly? :)

We have all decided that this will now be an annual event...just like Oprah!


  1. Hooch, your party was so much fun! And that hot apple cider was the best thing I have ever tasted!!!

  2. smart idea with the white out on the card.

  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! It is so very cute!!