Friday, November 30, 2012

My 2013 Thanksgiving Goal

I just want to start out by saying this post is totally self serving and for my benefit only, but it will be my motivation to get things done.  And also after Thanksgiving last week, and Bug and I having coughs that we can't seem to shake, I really haven't done anything interesting or post worthy in the last week.  So here we go: My goal for next Thanksgiving is to cook it myself and host it at my house. But here is the important part, in order for me to do this I need to have my house rearranged and set up more efficiently.  Honestly, I am not kidding when I say my house looks exactly the same as when we moved in over 4 years ago.  I have not changed anything...well except my bathroom (go me!).  But I think its time for a change, and I'm ready for it. 

The first room I want to change is the family room/dining room. This is the biggest room in my house and one of the main reasons I bought the house. Right now it is our main room. We spend probably 90% of our day in this room, and that is because we play, eat, and watch TV in this room. Here it is:


Believe it or not I actually did straighten up before I took these pictures!  It is always a mess though! Anyway, it really is a great room, I just don't think I'm taking advantage of the space.  So the first thing I need to do is get all new furniture-couch, chairs, end tables-just because that stuff in there is all old and was given to me when I moved in.  Next I want to turn the part of the room that currently has the table and chairs into Bug's play area.  Right now her toys are all smashed into the corner of the room. 

They are actually spreading into the mudroom, which I would like to fix up too, and maybe get a bench for.  I'll ask B to help me with that!!

So if I do that you might be wondering where we'll eat, well I have a living room that can be turned into a dining room.  This room is practically unused and pretty much a waste of space.

The only time I'm in this room is right now while I'm typing this, because that is a computer desk off to the right.  I think it is big enough to house my table and chairs and hopefully a few other dining room pieces.

So there you have it. Now you all know my plans and if I don't follow through I'll look like the slacker of the year.  Hopefully I will post updates as I make progress. I really am hoping to have all this accomplished by this time next year.  Feel free to give me encouragement or a good kick in the butt if you see me slacking!

Now I'll just have to learn how to cook a turkey!!


  1. You can do it Stonf!! I'll definitely help you make a bench and help with anything else you need!!:)

    1. Thanks B! I'll be needing lots of HSB advice for all this!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha, normally I don't bother...unless I'm taking pictures!!

  3. Stonf, I am super excited about this goal! It's going to look amazing when you are all finished with your new ideas!! Can't wait for decorating meetings! :)

  4. You can do it!! I love figuring how to decorate so I will help...and Landon will come play with Delaney!!