Friday, October 12, 2012

The highlight of our Fridays

Sometime last summer when Bug was about 14 months old she noticed the garbage truck coming down our hill.  She seemed to be very interested in it so I told her it was a parade and we waved to the garbage men.  The next Friday I made sure we were outside again when I heard the "parade" coming down the hill. Again we waved to the garbage men and this week they noticed us and waved back.  And so began our love affair with the garbage truck and men.  Every week from then on we had to be outside waiting for the "parade".  Bug pointed and waved, they waved and sometimes blew their horn and Bug laughed. It was magical.  Then winter came and I do not like to be cold, so Bug had to settle from watching from the front window.  I thought the garbage men would forget us, but no! They saw us standing at the window and waved!  At Christmas I gave them a card with a tip in it and told them that Bug thinks they are her own personal weekly parade. And the next week my garbage cans were brought up for me with this attached to the lid.
A thank you card, along with 2 bags of candy!! How freakin cute is that?!?! Since then they have continued to bring up my garbage cans and take whatever I put out.  Recently they saw me get my neighbors garbage cans so now they bring her's up too! Seriously best garbage men ever.
Bug waving to the parade before they even get close!
On this particular day the garbage truck actually broke down on our hill, so it was a little bit of a tease for Bug.  But she still stood there waiting for the parade.
Since the truck was broken down, not only did we get more time to watch the garbage truck/men, our garbage man proved once again that he is the best.  He got my trash and my neighbor's trash, took it up to the truck and then brought our cans up for us!  He also probably thinks I'm nuts for taking pictures of him doing this.
So there  you have it, my daughter loves the garbage truck.  No matter what she is doing, even if it is something really great, like eating ice cream or watching Jack's Big Music Show, she will drop everything to go watch it.  So what does this mean for her? Will she someday be a garbage woman? Will she marry a garbage man?  Will she someday invent a musical, colorful garbage truck that does actually look like its a parade? Only time will tell I guess.
What are some of the different/odd things your kids are entertained by? Share them with me!


  1. Very cute and so sweet that the garbage men sent you guys a card/candy too!

    When Jacob was about 18 months old, he used to love to open the lid on the washing machine and watch it.

  2. This is precious Sarah!!! Delaney is too much!!! And those garbage men are awesome!!!

  3. Stonf..what a precious story. Bug is just so adorable...some day when you ask her what's she's going to be when she grows up, she'll probably say a garbage lady. That is way too cute. and those garbage men are the best!!

  4. This is one of the cutest thing I've ever heard! Delaney loving them is cute enough and then add in how sweet those garbage men are! What an awesome story!