Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspired by Hooch...

to make Bug's Halloween costume!  Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if there are many of you who were also inspired to make a costume too after Monday's post. So here's the problem: out of the three of us I am definitely the least crafty.  I asked Hooch to guide me in the right (a.k.a easy) direction.  She showed me a picture she found on Pinterest of a ghost costume.  It looked easy enough.  And it was.  Trust me if I can throw this together last minute and have it look cute, then you can too!

Here is what you need:
A plain white shirt (I found mine at Target, of course!)
A few sheets of black felt
Googly eyes
Fabric glue
Pretty ribbon
A friend like Hooch who can make tutus...but really any kind of white skirt would look cute!

First I found one of Bug's toys that was an oval to trace for the eyes.  I think I used one of her teapots.  I traced it on paper then taped it to the felt and cut out two eyes and used the fabric glue to glue on the google eyes. 


Now for the hard part...making a mouth.  Honestly I must have drawn 10 different mouths.  To me, they all looked bad.  Then when I tried to cut them out of the felt they looked even worse.  And to make matters worse, I am the world's worst cutter.  I cannot cut in a straight line for anything. Its bad. But finally I was able to make one that looked decent.  I also had some orange and black ribbon that I tied in a bow.  I used the fabric glue and glued all the pieces on to the white shirt and this is what I got:

Not bad for my first attempt! Its not anything as intricate as anything Hooch has made, but maybe next year I'll go for something more difficult.....then again maybe not!
Here's a sneak peek of the whole costume!

What are your kids being for Halloween?? And what about this Frankenstorm that we're supposed to get?  Talk to me in the comments!


  1. SHe looks adorable Stonf! the costume looks so cute! As for the "Frankenstorm", it's hard to believe it's coming when we have 80 degrees and clear blue skies right now...I guess I'll believe it when I see it...good thing I'm a hoarder, we have enough bottled water and canned food to survive the worst! haha!

  2. Stonf, that is the cutest ghost ever!! She looks sooo cute in it...she'll have a blast on Halloween.