Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Spy Book

 My son Jacob loves I Spy Books or "Find It" books as we like to call them.  And this summer I thought what better way to surprise him then with a personalized I Spy book.  And what better time to have one than during an 8 hour car ride to the beach.  So, the week before we left for vacation, when I should have been packing and cleaning the house, I was making Jacob his very own I Spy book...which I made for each of his cousins to have for their very long car rides as well.  I'm not going to lie, I actually got the idea from a DIY I Spy bottle that I found on pinterest. So, what started off as an easy project idea of throwing some sand and tiny objects into an empty bottle turned into me placing toys, game pieces, and different objects in just the right position, taking pictures, editing pictures, printing pictures, and placing them in a photo album.  It was all worth it!  The books turned out super cute and Jacob (and his cousins) were very pleased with their surprises!!  (And our bags got packed, the house got cleaned and in order, and we were on our way...just a few hours later than planned....)

Here are a few of the pictures from inside the book:

Board games made for awesome pictures!! Especially Scrabble! 
Find these words hidden in the picture below!


Using their names made it even more personal!

You just have to remember that you're limited on letters when you use Scrabble.  Only one J, so Jacob and Julia had to be in two different pictures.  Luckily, with all of the cousins' names, I was able to work it out that everyone's name got used at least once!

Jacob was on a Monopoly kick this summer! I thought he would enjoy this!

Find the hidden objects in the picture below.

We threw in some of Julia's toys as well!


Find these hidden objects in the picture below.

 Magnetic Letters
Jacob also enjoys playing War.
I just took the cardboard that comes inside the cover of the photo album, turned it over, and used a black Sharpie marker to decorate the front cover.  Also, left a little note for the kids and the instructions on the inside cover.
I put the year on these books because I will probably make more in the future.  I'm always thinking of new ideas for pictures!
*Note: I used $1.00 plastic photo albums, but you can use nicer photo albums or even print a photo book.

There you have it!!  These books were enjoyed by all of the kids! And I enjoyed making them!


  1. B, these came out so cute! It would be fun to make Halloween and Christmas themed books too!

  2. Love it! Loved it then, love it still! Thanks for sharing your creativity!