Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Fashion Favs

So admittedly I am not a fall lover.  I like summer and the hot weather.  I prefer summer clothes too...shorts, flip flops, sun dresses, ect. But I have to say that in the past few years, I've warmed up to fall clothes.  I feel like they somehow got cuter or maybe I am slowly converting into a lover of fall. Regardless, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite fall items that I own.  Now some of these things are old and from a few years ago, so they might not be trendy anymore, but I still love them!

The first thing that comes to mind for fall is, of course, boots. And I love the riding boots that are popular now. Here are my two favorite (and only) pairs.

The black pair is new, just bought a few weeks ago from Macy's.  Here is the link in case you're interested. Black Riding Boots.  I admit they are a little pricey, but they were on sale when I bought them and I had a coupon. And every once in awhile a girl deserves a little splurge, right?!

My brown boots are my all time favorite.  I got them a few years ago from Macy's (I think).  And they are the perfect fit, height and color for me.  I wear them the most and they match almost every outfit I have.

Now what goes better with riding boots than leggings! And seriously is there anything more comfortable to wear? Not in my opinion!  I am so glad that leggings are fashionable now.  Here are my three favorite pairs.

The black and gray pair are the ones I wear the most and they are from Target (black) and Macy's (gray).  But you can find these kind of leggings almost anywear. The jeggings are new this year. I was nervous to wear them at first and asked Hooch and B what I should wear them with and what shoes go with them.  I may have even sent them a picture of me in the jeggings to get their approval! These are the jeggings I have: Dark Jeggings.  I also found these ones which are very similar to mine:Dark Jeggings 2

I'm also a sucker for pretty sweaters, cardigans in particular.  Anytime I see a cardigan on sale I usually end up buying it.  So I have alot of cardigans!  I just think they are something that's easy to wear and always looks cute.  And I'm a fan of layering too so for me they are perfect! 

The one on the left that's hidden is, in my opinion, perfect for fall. Its oversized, cable knit, and super warm.  I've only had for about 2 weeks and I've worn it at least 5 times already.  Here it is:Cable Knit Cardi.  The gray one in the middle is just a long, plain cardigan.  I have one in black, yellow and white too.  They are all from the past few years and from all different stores.  Its so easy to throw one on over a cami or a v-neck t-shirt with jeans and look great.  The animal print one is really cute too, but I admit I haven't worn it yet (as evidenced by the tag still on it). Here is the link for that one: Animal Print Cardi.

And lastly, my favorite accessories for fall are scarves! They are cute, warm and go with just about any outfit.  I have probably ten scarves total but here is a sampling of some of my favorites.

I pick up a scarf pretty often when I go shopping so these are from all different stores: Macy's, JC Penney's, Target, Marshalls.
So if you put together the boots, leggings, cardigans and scarves you have a pretty cute fall outfit.  And even though these are all my own clothes that I bought, this is how you can usually find me looking on any given fall day.
In a hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers!!
What are some of your favorite fall items?


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