Sunday, October 28, 2012

Distressed Clay Pot

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I will be honest, if there is one thing I'm not good at, it is gardening and keeping plants alive. This Spring, on a quick trip to Walmart, I happened upon one of my favorite things...a topiary! I LOVE topiaries but hate how expensive the fake and preserved topiaries can when I came upon a live one for only $12.00, I threw it in my cart with the quickness! Much to my surprise, it lasted on my porch all Spring and Summer. Because it is considered a shrub, it would probably be fine staying outside in the colder weather, but since we are expecting "Frankenstorm" this week, I figured now would be a good time to bring it inside before it was blown over (again).

The pot that I had originally used had fallen over a couple of times throughout the summer, officially cracking with the final fall last week. I was running errands yesterday and figured I could pick up a new pot while I was out. Little did I know that NO ONE carries plant pots at the end of October! I finally found a terra cotta clay pot at JoAnn Fabrics. Once I brought it home, I realized it was a little too orange for my liking, so I did what any good DIYer does...I distressed it!

I had leftover white acrylic paint from this project so I grabbed a brush and got to work. To give the pot a distressed look, I simply wet the end of my paint brush and lightly dipped it into my paint and proceeded to brush it onto the pot. You will want to brush the paint on very lightly...I learned this the hard way and ended up having to sand down the paint on one side of the pot.

I'm pretty happy with the distressed look that the pot is now sporting. Matches my style much better than the original look! (The picture in the right corner is a better representation of what the pot looks like, for some reason the pics in front of the fireplace look more white than it looks in person)

And because we like to keep things real around here, I will show you all what my living room looked like while I was taking pictures of the fireplace...

Despite how it may look, "Frankenstorm" has not hit my living room. More like "Felicitystorm!" Haha

So, do you like the "distressed" look or is it not for you? Are you like me and makeover brand new items? Talk to me in the comments!

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  1. Looks good by your fireplace Hooch! And over here a Bugstorm has hit my house!

  2. Looks nice. I think it will survive "Felicitystorm"! LOL

  3. Awesome work as always babe. Love you :-)

  4. I do love the look better than the orange terra cotta! I'll have to try this out!