Friday, July 19, 2013

HSB Biba Part 2 Taco Tuesday!!

Hello friends! We are well into summer now, and life has gotten busy and it had been awhile since HSB has gotten together (without kids) for a business meeting.   Meaning, business meeting = out for a fancy dinner of course!  So before we get even busier with vacations and such we decided we needed to go out. And where else would we go but our new favorite eatery, Biba!! If you are an HSB follower you know from our previous post here how much we love this place! Every Tuesday they run a Taco Tuesday special where they feature two different kinds of tacos for $5. For weeks now they have been teasing me on their Facebook page with these delicious sounding tacos, so we decided to try it out...for professional blogging purposes!
I arrived first and it was busier than I had ever seen it. We didn't make any reservations so I was nervous we wouldn't get a table, but my buddy Jeffery squeezed us in! So if you plan on going to Taco Tuesday it would be wise to make reservations. Once we all arrived and opened my already open bottle of Moscato we were ready to eat! First we ordered my favorite Guac and Chips with smoked blue cheese and apples.
After I had this the first time I went I tried to make my own blue cheese sucked! I'll just get it from Biba from now on. Hooch also ordered the Skillet Fries, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture of it. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it that they looked awesome! (I didn't taste them though....they had bacon on them.)

Next we had Crabcakes with cucumber carrot salad and Sriracha mayo. You can't go wrong with a good crabcake and to say these were good would be an understatement!

Finally, it was Taco time! Hooch and I had the chicken tacos with goat cheese guac and pineapple. B  had the pork tacos with cucumber carrot salsa, Sriracha mayo, and cilantro.

Seriously these crappy phone pictures of mine do not do it justice!

Now for dessert...and we got all three desserts that were offered. Don't judge. Hey, if you want an accurate review we have to try them all...right?! So we ordered the Churros with the chocolate habanero sauce (which we already had before, but we had to make sure they were still good...they were!)
Next we had the Brown Butter Pound Cake with goat cheese whipped cream and strawberries and blueberries. Oh my was that goat cheese whipped cream delicious!

And lastly was the Banana S'mores Bread Pudding. Holy moly was this delicious! This was by far my favorite.

So if you haven't been yet, you should definitely go soon.  Taco Tuesday is an awesome deal! Thank you again to the chefs and wait staff for another enjoyable evening! And also a special thank you to the table next to us for corking up our wine!

I think this dining experience can be summed up by Hooch's quote of the night "I'm in hog heaven!"

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