Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely and safe long holiday weekend! Over here at my house I have several unfinished projects going on right now, and really not that much to post about these days (until I get my butt in gear and finish!)  So despite of my unfinished projects/rooms I decided (last minute) to have some friends over for the 4th.  I wish I had some cute decorations or centerpieces or something that I made to show you but all my time went to cleaning and food preparing. So putting my American flag out on my porch was as about as festive as it got. I did attempt to bake red, white and blue cupcakes.

Just an FYI this picture was taken the day after the party so that's why the icing is melted and the strawberry looks a little wilted!

Anyway the real point of this post is to show off our adorable kids! Our kids play together so well and in my opinion are the cutest ever!

Future MLB star!

Also wanted to show off the ever stylish and festive Hooch in her hat! She had red shoes on too!

Whenever we try to get a picture of our girls together it always ends up looking like this....

so we end up taking one like this!
I hope everyone had a fun-filled 4th and is enjoying the summer!!


  1. Always fun to get together! And the kids had a blast!!

  2. These pictures are so good. The kids crack me up. And you girls look beautiful ad usual.