Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hooch Turns 30!!

Its hard to believe but HSB is turning 30 this year! Hooch was the first of us, but B and I aren't far behind her.  Hooch's birthday was this past Saturday, and I just wanted to share with you some of the festivities that took place.  First I wanted to mention that the week before her birthday Hooch found out that she had to have surgery only a few days before her birthday . Her surgery went well and besides being sore she is ok! Only Hooch!!

So for months B and I planned on decorating Hooch's house all in black...balloons, streamers, the works.  But since she had just had surgery she was off work and home so that plan was foiled. But we improvised! We filled up her car with black balloons.

B added some black flowers and a 30 sign on the steering wheel for good measure.
Since she was  home while we were doing this we had to settle for decorating the porch...we also had to be sneaky! (That's why we're dressed all in black)
B got some white roses and incorporated black feathers and sprayed them with gold glitter.  (She'll be taking orders for prom flowers too now!)
I made some cupcakes.

She really is fabulous! How good does she look for just having surgery 3 days ago?!?
The next day was her actual birthday and Hooch's wonderful husband, George, planned a surprise party for her.  So not only was the party almost cancelled due to her surgery (and not being sure if she'd be able to go anywhere that day), but it started off with George almost giving away the surprise.  He sent a Facebook message about the party to all the guests....from Hooch's account!! Luckily he deleted the message before she saw it, but it was a close call! Despite her being sore and tired, she was a sport and showed up to the party and was totally surprised!

The gorgeous cake was from a local bakery, One Sweet Cookie and was de-lish!!
The color scheme for the party was pink and gold and the decorations were kept simple and tasteful.

Wine and Michael Buble...sounds like a good night at home for Hooch!
Another HSB approved party!!
And now a mushy birthday message:
Hooch, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We have been friends for over 15 years now, and you have been by my side through the best times and also the worst times (B, you've been on my other side!).  I am truly grateful to have a friend like you.  I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world! Here's to our 30s...let's make them the best times of our lives! XOXOXO


  1. YAY!! What a fun weekend! Happy Birthday Hooch!! does it feel to be 30?!?! ;)

  2. Thanks for writing such a nice post Stonf! You and B are the best...thanks for surprising me both days! :)

  3. Stonfer this is such a nice post. You had me choked up. Sara definitely has the best friends ever. Love you guys.

  4. Stonfer this is such a nice post. You had me choked up. Sara definitely has the best friends ever. Love you guys.

  5. Very nice piece! Hooch, your husband is so hot.

    1. I agree, Not George. And that guy in the leather jacket just screamed bad boy attitude. The back of his head is irresistible. All the hot men worshiped at the Hooch temple Saturday!