Monday, September 17, 2012

All About HSB

Welcome to Real Livin' With HSB!  We are so happy you have decided to check out our little piece of the Internet!  Since this is our first post, we thought it would be a great idea to take a moment and introduce ourselves and, of course, our blog!

We are a group of 3 best friends who have know each other since junior high school.  Back in the day, we went by some crazy nicknames that have actually stayed with us 15 years later, which is where the "HSB" portion of our blog originated.  Through 15 years of friendship, we have stuck with each other through lots of good, and of course, some bad.  Now that we are all moms, most of our time together is spent having play dates with our kids.  It was actually during one of these many play dates that the concept of Real Livin' With HSB originated.  I'll set the scene for you all...Hooch, B, and Stonf all sat around Hooch's dining room table after a long day while four kids (all under the age of 5) destroyed Hooch's house around them.  Hooch, an avid blog reader, mentioned to Stonf and B that, while she loved to read blogs, she was discouraged at times seeing all of the beautiful houses and perfect decor that was typically showcased on many of the popular blogs.  Stonf and B quickly shot out the idea of starting a blog where we showcased the good, bad, and ugly of our lives.  Of course, we would love to share pretty pictures and crafts that have gone right, but we would also share the times when things didn't go so well.  And with that, Real Livin' With HSB was born!

We had many blog "meetings" at our favorite establishment, On The Border, where we ate lots of chips and salsa and discussed what topics we would write about.  Since we all have different interests and talents, this blog will be kind of all over the place.  You can expect to see party planning, decor, crafts, recipes, beauty tips, and even the occasional "Keepin it Real" moment.  We sincerely hope our readers are as excited about our blog as we are!  Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a minute to meet Hooch, Stonf and B.


Hey There! I am the mom of a super cute (and very sassy) 3 year old daughter, Felicity, and wife to my college sweetheart, George.  All of my life, I wanted to be one of those women who "has it all and does it all."  I dreamed of a successful career, perfect family, and a beautiful magazine worthy house.  In reality, I did achieve the part about the perfect family (in my opinion at least), but the rest, not so much!  I work full time in a job that does have some perks, but is definitely not my dream job.  It basically pays the bills, which is pretty much all I can ask for at this point!  And the magazine worthy house...umm, yeah, I love my house but I'm not holding my breath waiting for the day it appears on the glossy pages of a magazine.

To escape the 9-5 of my everyday life, I craft and decorate constantly.  I'm pretty sure my house will never be "finished" because I tend to change my mind and my decorating style All.Of.The.Time!  It's a good thing my husband is patient and doesn't care to have much of a decorating opinion.  Anyways, I hope you have fun following my crafting and decorating...and anything else that may pop up in between.  Thanks for stopping by!


I am a 29 year old widow and only parent to a fearless, fun, finger sucking 2 year old Bug.  I have been "doing it on my own" for over 2 years now.  I stay at home and aspire to be one of those perfect know the type with the clean, well decorated house, delicious, healthy dinner on the table, and doing fun, educational activities with the kids.  But the reality is my house is a mess, we have mac and cheese at least once a day and we spend a lot of time watching TV.  So follow me on my real life journey to attempt to be that perfect mom.  I have a feeling it is going to be a long journey!  


I am the proud stay at home mother of two amazingly beautiful children, Jacob, 5 and Julia, 2.  I am married to my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, my "go to" guy, Ronnie.  I enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning my house, raising my children, party planning...let's just stop right there...reality check!  Truth, I am the mother of two beautiful children, Jacob and Julia, who make me crazy sometimes.  Truth, I am married to my husband, Ronnie, who is my total opposite.  Truth, I do enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning, raising kids, party planning, but 1. I don't have time 2. I don't know how 3. Somehow, everyone else has the ability to do all of those things at the same exact time...I have yet to master multitasking.  My hope is that through this blog, others can relate to our real life stories and experiences.  We may not be perfect, but we're "Keepin it Real!"  


  1. You girls are gorgeous!!! Now I want to see some 'Keepin it Real'profile pics!;)...sweatpants, glasses, kids running around in diapers....wait that's me keepin it real!!:)
    Love the Blog!

  2. Wonderful idea! Looking forward to reading about keepin it real:) good luck and have fun girls!!

  3. Kelly J. Hogan P.H.DSeptember 22, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    I loves it!!!! Go ahead HSB!!!! How do I join??? Love ya girls!!!

  4. ps. It wanted a title. That's what the P.H.D things about.... lol

  5. Kelly J. Hogan P.H to the D.!September 22, 2012 at 11:06 PM

    now it's not asking me for one. Sheeesh.... wish i could delete these. But there's not turning back now. I'm in too deep... Crap!!! Help me HSB!!!!!

  6. LMBO at Hogan. hahaha! Nice blog, ladies! Keep it real <3